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OddWorld: Stranger's Wrath

Bounty hunter with a dark secret seeks two-legged quarry in the wildest Western game you've ever seen. In this first-person shooter, small animals such as squirrels, skunks, and slugs become weapons. And yet, nothing is harmed except your concept of normality. more


User Review

Squirrelly: The boss of innovative weapon design! I cannot think of a game that has handled the challenge of designing yet another weapon in such interesting ways. Stranger has an exciting armory at his fingertips: want to lure an enemy? Shoot squirrets at him. Want ot trap him? Snare him with bug webs. Or blow him up with boombats or infest him with fuzzles. The list goes on. more

Fuzzle: Nice inventive blend of shooter and stealth genres in this one-of-a-kind title. I was particularly interested by the range of tactics rewarded in this game. Crazy testosterone types can go in with both guns er squirrels blazing. Stealthy sorts can sneak around and pick off enemies with traps and lures. It's a game developed for multiple playing modes.more

Boombat: Nice thematic play on western themes in this off-center shooter title. The hero is an outsider and bounty hunter to boot, brought in to solve the problems of humble townsfolk. Sounds generic? Well it's not, as the hero has a dark secret and those folksy townspeople prove not to welcome strangers round these parts. more

Stranger: Art direction was excellent in execution. The character design was really distinctive, with a very unusual hero motion mechanic (especially after he sprouts two legs). Background graphics and textures really evoked the West but played around with cartoon style and proportions in an interesting manner. more