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Shadow of
the Colossus

Star Wars

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Bioware's RPG hit of the year of 2003. Play a fallen Jedi and a host of NPCS who travel from world to world, gaining skills, outfits, and unexpected adversaries, unraveling the mystery of a young Jedi who went to the dark side. more

Splinter Cell

Prince of Persia

Get in touch with your evil prince. The tormented hero returns in Ubisoft's sequel to platforming classic. Leap from building to building, fighting evil sand demons with your customary panache. more

Stranger's Wrath

Bounty hunter with a dark secret seeks two-legged quarry in the wildest Western game you've ever seen. In this first-person shooter, small animals such as squirrels, skunks, and slugs become weapons. And yet, nothing is harmed except your concept of normality. more


We Love Katamari




We Love Katamari

Roll up cows, bears, campfires, sumo wrestlers, you name it, in this surreal Namco sequel to a classic puzzler that is in a category by itself. Boffo soundtrack accompanies you as you make a ball out of everything in sight. more

Shadow of the Colossus

Rid the land of a dozen lumbering, ancient giants to free a princess from death's hand. Easy, no? Monstrous adversaries in sublimely rendered environments are the hallmarks of this original and existentially profoundJapanese hit. more

Beyond Good and Evil

Cult classic with fantastic storyline, distinctive animation, and a combination of adventure, puzzle, and stealth elements. Armed only with her trusty camera and some nifty martial arts moves, your heroine Jade combats an alien conspiracy. more

Taiko Drum Master

Let's play! Says the Namco narrator as you square off against your buddies in drumming deathmatches to renditions of Toxic, Love Shack, and Tubthumping. The Japanese genius for karaoke applied to drumming. more



Elegant RPG/action adventure set in a mythical kingdom gone awry. Beautiful graphics, enigmatic puzzles, swathes of swordplay, and a mood supplied by a stunning Danny Elfman score. Too sweet and too short. more

Halo 2

It's true, all games should be like this. The epic story of Master Chief's fight against the Covenant, the Flood, and other dark forces, continues with a near perfect combination of righteous combat and immersive environment design. more

Star Wars: Republic Commando

The life of a clone is nasty, brutish, and short. So live it up, as you fight unending war with your squad of Imperial storm troopers against masses of Trade Federation foes: Geonosians, Tradoshans, and droids are all the bumps in your road. more


Resident Evil 4

Matchless survival horror masterpiece from Capcom. Navigate Leon and Ada through hords of zombies and a labyrinthine plot. Expect an unremitting sense of dread and always remember to shoot for the head. more

Super Mario 64 DS

Mario returns with buddies Yoshi, Wario, and Luigi, 3D graphics, and new multiplayer options. But does the next-gen version really resurrect the greatness of the 80s original? more