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We Love Katamari


We Love Katamari

Roll up cows, bears, campfires, sumo wrestlers, you name it, in this surreal Namco sequel to a classic puzzler that is in a category by itself. Boffo soundtrack accompanies you as you make a ball out of everything in sight. more


User Review

Surfer dude: Katamari is the most inventive interface yet invented for games. Think about it, the rolling action is the entire modality of gameplay and yet it is so addictive. more

kissR: This game is a satire of modern consumerist society. The floors of Japanese houses are strewn with pop culture artifacts, and the objective is to clean the environment by rolling them up in a ball. more

demondemon: The J-Pop soundtrack is the entire MO of this game. Funky huh-huh says the narrator as you bounce into the garden in pursuit of small animals to roll up. Beach boys, lounge singers, and funksters are all given a J-Pop makeover. more

grrrl: My favorite surreal game. The game is a series of isolated objects in space, people, animals, buildings, and thumbtacks, and your goal is to roll them like a wad of tissue paper. As in other works of surrealist art, the depiction of alienated objects in space creates a profound sense of unease. The only solution is humor. more

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