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Shadow of the Colossus


Shadow of the Colossus

Rid the land of a dozen lumbering, ancient giants to free a princess from death's hand. Easy, no? Monstrous adversaries in sublimely rendered environments are the hallmarks of this original and existentially profound Japanese hit. more


User Review

Jumper: Art direction. Art direction. One more time – it cannot be overemphasized how much superior this game with its anime aesthetic is to the clunky cartoonish or grimy realist fare churned out by our US studios. The opening cut scene – five minutes long – dares us to admire the majesty of the whole game environment as the hero Wander riding his horse wends his weary way to his fate. more

TheybeGints: Surprisingly simple and yet compelling gameplay are the key to the success of Fumito Ueda's new classic. Find the monster, climb the monster, find his weak points, bring him down. Then rinse and repeat. That this simple formula is addictive is a tribute the other variables in the game. more

Wandering: This game shows lesser environment designers where to get off. The sheer scale of the 3D kingdom that Wander is required to navigate is mind-boggling, and the ancient buildings, and many vertigo-inducing vistas are a tribute to the overall map design and the skill with which a creative vision is realized. more

Poet: I want to comment on the character art and animation in the game. What, there are no characters you say, but each of the colossi (sp?) are incredibly distinctive figures out of ancient Japanese mythological imagination. more