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Elegant RPG/action adventure set in a mythical kingdom gone awry. Beautiful graphics, enigmatic puzzles, swathes of swordplay, and a mood supplied by a stunning Danny Elfman score. Too sweet and too short. more



User Review

Trollface: Sweet it was but now gloriously extended in the expansion pack. This game epitomizes many of ethical dilemmas posed by the best RPGs. When the world is going to Hell, will you save it or be part of the problem? In Fable, your character has a moral role to play. more

Bugbite: Nice gameplay in this charming RPG. I thought the sword and arrow shooting provided a nice variety of ways of dealing mayhem in the kingdom. Navigation, orientation, movement, controls, and menuing were all superbly handled, showing the developer's prowess in these important facets of the experience. more

Tonerow: I think the sound FX and soundtrack were superb. An atonal soundtrack graced the different levels, brooding chords struck when trouble loomed, and character/creature noises fantastically diverse. The dialogue sounded like a BBC period drama, with a satisfying variety of yokels offering you advice as you navigate around. more

Janet: Adaptivity is always once of my main concerns as I play an RPG – how many paths are provided for users? Ideally you can travel multiple paths through the game, playing it hundreds of different ways. For practical considerations, however, many games punt on true adaptivity. more